How, then, do we explain the fact that it helps people with chronic Lyme disease feel better?

My ambitious and once-athletic wife has wrestled with chronic Lyme disease for her entire adult life.

She has contended with unrelenting muscle stiffness, extreme chest pain, numbness in face, hands and feet, eye twitching, difficulty writing, speaking and forming words, memory loss, brain fog, incontinence, sinus and dental pain.

But mostly, almost constant fatigue: “It’s like your body is being invaded and your immune system is…

6 Ways to Be Better Under It

This guy should probably take 5 or 6 minutes and blow on his thumb. See below for details. Image by Aaron Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

I wrote these words in a writer’s notebook when I was a high-strung, painfully sensitive 18-year-old:

The only way to find happiness in your lifetime is by always trying to be the calm in the center of the storm.

As it turns out, I somehow found happiness; more likely, it…

Letter to a Father with Alzheimer’s

Dad, self-portrait, 2020. I think Edvard Munch would have approved.


So, I have this memory. You were there, too; but don’t worry if you don’t remember. I can remember for you.

It’s a hot, breeze-less summer day in 1971, and Hatzic Lake is lukewarm and the color of milky coffee that’s been left on the counter all morning. Motorboats…

Here’s what happened when a sensitive, liberal, bookish musician asked for the hand of this man’s daughter

My father-in-law, Weston, in his natural habitat: at the helm of his half-century-old motorboat on Vancouver Island’s Alberni Canal.

To understand my father-in-law, Weston, you need to see his man-cave. His wood-paneled basement den in Nanaimo, British Columbia is a cozy but somewhat cramped archive of the wildlife that Weston has, in his lifetime, either shot, fished or wrestled to the ground with his bare hands. Represented are: two…

Go Ahead and Laugh: Writing Letters Was Actually Pretty Radical

I miss writing letters.

More truthfully, I don’t miss the cramp in my right hand. I don’t miss running out of space and having to jam run-on thoughts up the margins of the paper. I don’t miss how long it took to get a response to nagging questions, such as…

Steve Mitchell

What Resonates is the newsletter of writer/musician Steve Mitchell, who is interested in love, family, music and foraging for edible weeds.

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